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Yatin Patel PhD

Yatin Patel PhDYatin Patel’s scientific career spans over 25 years at some of the United Kingdom’s premier universities or research organisations. He obtained his PhD from the University of London investigating the role of protein kinase C on platelet activation. After a post-doctoral position at the Institute for Cancer Research investigating Wnt signalling mechanisms in breast cancer, he was employed as a non-clinical lecturer at King’s College London from 1999-2011 where he developed a considerable expertise in signal transduction mechanisms in different cellular systems, particularly platelets and endothelial cells. Whilst working as an academic, he was also consulted by clinicians to help characterise defective signalling mechanisms in the platelets of patients with congenital platelet associated bleeding disorders. During his career he has published over 20 papers in some of the leading peer reviewed journals. In 2011, Dr Patel co-founded Vasgen, where he is currently the COO, in order to develop novel therapeutic technologies to treat cancer and debilitating ocular neovascular diseases.