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About us

Vasgen Ltd is a recently formed UK biotech company based in London. The company’s primary objective is to develop commercially viable therapeutic solutions for unmet clinical needs in the ophthalmology and cancer space applying AbIMP® technology that utilises targeted antibodies as inhibitors of metalloproteinase activity, with a particular focus on the ADAM sheddases.

Founded by Dr’s Salman Rahman & Yatin Patel in 2011, Vasgen is committed to delivering a new generation of innovative and targeted therapeutics and in doing so hopes to provide more effective and personalised therapies for debilitating and life-threatening diseases.

Vasgen is developing a strong and dynamic team of experts including scientists and clinicians with an international reputation in translational and clinical research, who will provide the leadership to navigate the company through its development programmes and business cycles.

Vasgen is currently seeking investors and partners to support development of its main pre-clinical programme and to facilitate an R & D programme to validate ADAMs and other metzincins of therapeutic interest.


CEO & Co-founder Salman Rahman PhD

COO & Co-founder Yatin Patel PhD

Rafiq Hasan MD

NED Oliver Boucher

Scientific Advisory Board
Professor Jim Bainbridge MA, PhD FRCOphth