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The Business Opportunity

Vasgen is developing a semi-virtual, low-burn, operating model with a small but dynamic team of innovators committed to delivering first-in-class, AbIMPTM  based therapeutics to meet unmet clinical needs in the ophthalmology  and cancer  space.

Vasgen’s lead product is a pre-clinical stage AbIMP targeting ADAM15  as a first-in-class anti-angiogenic therapeutic monoclonal antibody to treat ocular neovascular diseases and the aggressive forms of prostate and breast cancers, thereby potentially competing in the multi-billion dollar global anti-angiogenic market. Vasgen is currently seeking finance to progress development of its ADAM15 AbIMP to proof of concept in humans, whereupon an exit via a merger or acquisition is anticipated

Vasgen is also seeking finance to support development of an R & D programme to validate ADAMs and additional metzincins  of therapeutic interest using its AbIMPTM technology as a pharmacological approach to supplement genetic models. This will facilitate development of therapeutic strategies to drug validated targets using AbIMPTM technology leading to a high value pipeline. Vasgen is also open to both partnering and out-licencing of its IP  in order to accelerate development of novel therapeutic technologies.