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Advanced Breast Cancer Market

The breast cancer market has primarily been driven by the expanding application of existing drugs rather than the emergence of new therapies and is estimated to stagnate over the next decade. However, one sector set to expand in the next decade is the prospective market for anti-Her-2 drugs due to the arrival of new Her-2 targeting drugs on the market. By comparison, there is a pressing need for new targeted therapies for Her-2 negative patients and triple negative metastatic breast cancer (TNBC) patients in particular. Anti-angiogenic agents (anti-VEGFs in combination with chemotherapy) or PARP inhibitors have been evaluated for the treatment of TNBC but thus far have demonstrated limited effectiveness leaving few potential treatment options for these patients.

Given the role of ADAM15 in promoting pathological angiogenesis and the evidence for its role in the progression of aggressive forms of breast cancer, there remains potential scope for the application of anti-ADAM15 therapy for the treatment of aggressive breast cancer, particularly in conjunction with anti-VEGFs and/or other targeted drugs.